Rowdy Riders


Friday Nite Fun Rides


Walk A Mile Equestrian Center LLC

1280 Wheeler Ln. Mile Post 14,Bus. HWY. 50 Avondale


Every Friday March 7th-Oct. 31st


(Weather permitting)


Membership Dues: Family $50. Individual $35. includes use of arena during the day when available. Friday nite rides $2 per event. Saturday practice $5. Discount on S.C.H.A. memberships. Non-members Friday fun nites $5. per event Saturday practice $10.

70% pay back on Friday nites. (Except lead line.)


March 1st we will be holding our first Saturday practice starting at 12:00 noon. We will practice all speed events. Followed by a jackpot speed event if enough interest. Practice for judge events to follow. Cost: Members $5 For all events. Non-Members $10. For all events. Not to include Jackpot. We will be taking membership sign ups at this time and at each Friday night ride thru the season.

Non-members welcomed at all events.


Age Divisions: Lead line, 12 & under, 13-17, 18 & over



Free 1 per nite                       2 per nite                               3 per nite


Trail class                                       Stake race                                      75 up & Back

Command Class                              Flag race                                       Barrels, Poles

Western Riding                               Barrels, Poles                                Keyhole, Flag

Western Pleasure                             75 up & back                                Loop D Loop

Reining                                            Speed Ball                                    Streaking Poles

     Streaking Poles                             Jellyfish, Speed ball

     Stick Race (horseless)                   Quadrille,Crisscross, Obstacle course


Friday March 7th, starting at 6:30pm and each following Friday we will start with one free practiced judged event. Followed by speed events starting with  lead line, 12 & under, 13-17 then 18 & over. There will be 2 lead line events and 3 speed events. Gates open at 5:30pm. Concession on site. Good food at a reasonable price. Nice arena with separate warm up arena, Separate spectator area with playground for the kids. Come and Horse around with us and have some G rated family fun. CASH ENTRIES APPRECIATED ON FRIDAY NITES but not necessary.

For more info. Contact Phyllis @ (719) 947-3248 0r 250-5499


E-mail:  ( For Subject please use Rowdy Riders)